Perle column / by Barbara Dziadosz

Since May `18 I`m creating Budni`s customer magazines monthly column. The two first issues are out and I´m happy to share them with you. Budni is Hamburg based drugstore, with a great tradition within the city. That`s why it`s even more fun to create those illustrations on a monthly basis. 

My mother is always there at the first of the month to pick up a few copies for her and the rest of the family, to show around.

The first column was an article about Slow Food and why this isn`t the cleverest idea for the first date. I can totally relate to the hungry grumpy feeling of this character.


The second column was about the pros and cons of Adult Only hotels at Mallorca. The authors conclusion is that it`s less fun without kids as most adults at those kind of hotels are boring and lame.