Refinery29 by Barbara Dziadosz

Some time ago I got approached by refinery29 to illustrate a series about a collaboration between them and a Korean beauty company.

This series should include two product integrations, the remaining three illustration where focused on some of the all natural ingredients like bamboo, ginseng, camellia, papaya and green tea.

Scan 13.jpeg

green tea sketch

Trzy Czte Ry by Barbara Dziadosz

The two ladies from @trzy_czte_ry  asked me if I was interested to contribute to their new quarterly kids mag. The issue was about tricks, so I illustrated two cut out jumping jacks. For the background.I illustrated a playful pattern with some typical elements like my beloved grid.

This issue features a lot of my favorite polish illustrators, which made it even more fun to contribute.


Brummell mag by Barbara Dziadosz

The fine folks from Brummell mag asked me to illustrate a page a about gin and bees, how could I resist this fine assignment!?

The client referred to one of my "hands with flower" illustrations, which was a lovely idea for this feature. I immediately had a picture of a possible illustration in my mind. 

Below is the final illustration with a little bee on the side.


Followed by early stage sketches for this feature.

The main focus should be on the Gin itself and it`s ingredients, that`s why I chose to show the lovely bottle surrounded by lots of flowers and herbs.


My second idea was to show a lady enjoying a glas of Gin. The text referred to the owner, a clever woman who`s family also own a crisps manufacture (such a dream!), so I imagined her when drawing this. 


As I really enjoy drawing hands I finally drew this version of an elegant hand holding a full glas of Gin surrounded once again by all the beautiful ingredients.