Shop update by Barbara Dziadosz

Over the last few weeks I upped my online shop game a bit and added a few newbies to it. I researched, illustrated and prepared a lot of different projects which git produced over the last couple of weeks.

I used to have just Fine Art Prints in my shop and wanted to give people the chance to buy affordable goodies as well.

From now on you can find affordable digital prints, calendars, enamel pins, Washi tapes and temporary tattoos in my shop.

There is a lot of love, work and sweat in those new products and I hope you like them. My aim was to create fun and timeless products, with a sense of humour and lots of love to detail.

If you are interested in buying them, check out our brand new shop at

 worm enamel pins

worm enamel pins

 new calendars for 2019

new calendars for 2019

 Stacks of Tattoos

Stacks of Tattoos

 Washi tapes

Washi tapes


Refinery29 by Barbara Dziadosz

Some time ago I got approached by refinery29 to illustrate a series about a collaboration between them and a Korean beauty company.

This series should include two product integrations, the remaining three illustration where focused on some of the all natural ingredients like bamboo, ginseng, camellia, papaya and green tea.

Scan 13.jpeg

green tea sketch

A map of the island by Barbara Dziadosz

Some months ago Huw approached me to illustrate an imaginary island. An island of my dreams. I remember drawing tiny isolated lonely islands with palms and a parasol surrounded by dolphins and a huge sun somewhere as a kid. When I started gathering ideas for this one, I kept some of my childhood dreams and added some other aspects to it and left some parts away. Loneliness seemed much more of a threat than dream, so I populated my island (called Kraina) with some inhabitants (humans and animals), added some cultural aspects like buildings and of course lots of plants. Voilà!


Scavenger Hunt by Barbara Dziadosz

Some time ago I was asked by Ashley and Elyse from Bravery mag, if I could illustrate a scavenger hunt spread. This page should have an engineer feel to it, but with a fun twist. So instead of simple black and white sketches I illustrated six different shapes in simple and nice colours.

This is the final illustration with a light grid in the background and some handwritten type.


For this project I did not do hand drawn sketches, as it was easier for me to do them digital right away. The briefing included a different colour palette, than I usually use, so I applied those colours to the sketches. 



Here you can see my plain digital sketches I did for the spread.


Perle column by Barbara Dziadosz

Since May `18 I`m creating Budni`s customer magazines monthly column. The two first issues are out and I´m happy to share them with you. Budni is Hamburg based drugstore, with a great tradition within the city. That`s why it`s even more fun to create those illustrations on a monthly basis. 

My mother is always there at the first of the month to pick up a few copies for her and the rest of the family, to show around.

The first column was an article about Slow Food and why this isn`t the cleverest idea for the first date. I can totally relate to the hungry grumpy feeling of this character.


The second column was about the pros and cons of Adult Only hotels at Mallorca. The authors conclusion is that it`s less fun without kids as most adults at those kind of hotels are boring and lame. 


Dinosaur Alphabet by Barbara Dziadosz

Together with the bilingual magazine Papperlapapp I created a dinosaur alphabet. This was a fun and challenging project with a bit different twist then usual.

I was given a A-Z list of the dinosaurs and once again let a lot creative freedom to create those illustrations. Together with the client I agreed on a different approach to this projects. We came along that sketches were unnecessary and the images would be less planned. 

For each one of the dinosaurs I created lots of hand drawn patterns and structures that I included. I used a limited color palette of 4, even though I used different opacities to have some more range. 


Sonntagszeitung Pensionskassen Rating 2018 by Barbara Dziadosz

I did a bunch of illustrations for the Swiss Sonntagszeitung special issue to accompany the new retirement ranking in 2018.

The assignment was rather short termed but I was given lots of creative freedom during this. 

While doing my research for this special topic I found always the some old visuals, that I found rather boring and less surprising. So I tried to come up with some flowerful elements, to show the growing possibilities of the future pensioners. But of course I had to come up with the classic piggy, but this comes just from my love for those pink animals-such a perfect excuse to incorporate them into this series.


I always try to come up with 2-3 sketches for each illustration, so naturally there are lots of unused sketches that I still would like to share with you.