Zodiac signs by Barbara Dziadosz

Some time ago Rikke from eurowoman asked me to illustrate a set of zodiac signs. Even though it was a quick turnaround I was happy, as I always wanted to illustrate those. We chose a muted vintage inspired color palette and went for a mix of classic visualisation with a modern twist.


Playing Cards by Barbara Dziadosz

Some time ago we received the playing cards. I started drawing those card designs back in 2014, when on a vacation on La Gomera. I changed the designs several times and always dreamt of producing them someday. Finding the manufacturer wasn’t easy, so I’m more than happy that they are finally released.

I put great value on the surface (they are printed on beautiful 320g Pro Linen paper) and the overall charming look.

They are available through jungwiealt.com

IMG_2465 1.JPG

SO-SO Käfer by Barbara Dziadosz

Together with Drei Grad Verlag I worked on a bug related zine, including 32 pages with colored illustration.

SO-SO Hefte is a series of zines illustrated by various illustrators dealing with a topic of choice. I decided to dive in the world of bugs, as I wanted to transfer my personal work of bugs illustrations to a zine.

Plus magazine by Barbara Dziadosz

Some time ago I had the chance to illustrate a spot illustration for the quiz page of Plus magazine. The topic was spiritism and I was free to explore ways to communicate with ghosts.

I sketched crystal ball, an Ouija board and a hand holding various elements connected to spiritism. In the end we did go for the hand, which symbolises a variation of aspects.


Advent Calendar by Barbara Dziadosz

This summer I started illustrating for PlayIn Choc`s advent calendar, which is a clever alternative to all conservative calendars. It contains 24 different cardboard animals, each one in its own drawer and playmat, wich can be used afterwards. Each drawer can be turned around, once opened and creates another illustration.


New temporary Tattoos by Barbara Dziadosz

I created yet another set of temporary tattoos. This time I celebrated all kinds of Junk food.

Those tatts come in simple black and white. This set include lots of Junk Food, which I must admit, love. Especially the crisps. This little illustration is seriously dream imagination of a proper sized crisps bag.